La légende est de retour

After years in the shadows, the O’Remington, twenty-seven meters long and representing more than seventy years of history, is reborn once again at Port Canto in Cannes. Fully refitted to her former splendor, she evokes myths and legends, witnesses to her incredible history.


The beautiful Schooner was launched in 1946 in Naples under the name of “Maria Del Mar” where it was originally intended for wine transport. Her fate took a completely different turn when she crossed paths with Lord Remington, a young heir to the American Remington family, famous manufacturers of weapons and typewriters. In 1958, Lord Remington fell in love with the Schooner on the shores of the Italian Riviera and acquired it on the advice of his friend Federico Fellini, a famous Italian director and screenwriter. He renamed it with his own name, “O’Remington”, and transformed it into a true luxury yacht.

In 1960, after winning the Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or for his film La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini asked that the palms be engraved on the bow. After that, the biggest names on the Croisette, Italian neorealism, and the very famous Cinecittà film studios succeed one another on board. Names like Luchino Visconti, Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg all frequented the O’Remington. The yacht became the real life lucky charm of Italian cinema when, in turn, Luchino Visconti won the Palme d’Or in 1963 for his film The Cheetah and Marcello Mastroianni won the prize for best male actor twice at the international film festival.

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Maria Callas, a close friend of Lord Remington, was a regular aboard the luxurious Schooner. The boat became a veritable meeting place for many artists of the French New Wave and the Italian aristocracy. The Schooner sailed between Rome, Naples, Capri, Palermo, Athens, Santorini, Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez and Portofino. During her stays in Italy, the Diva (Maria Callas) rehearsed on board to the delight of her privileged listeners. Forever etched in the collective Italian memory, the boat was nicknamed “La Divina”.

Upon the death of Lord Remington, the Schooner was abandoned on a quay in Athens before ending up in the hands of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis, a wealthy Greek ship-owner. Then in turn, Alberta Ferretti, a famous Italian designer and fashion designer, undertook major restoration work on the boat, while remaining faithful to the original design created by Lord Remington. Resold a few years later to a charter company, the Schooner was operated on the Sudanese coasts. However, after years of wandering the Red Sea, it was finally forgotten on the quays of the port of Genoa in Italy and wasted away.


In 2017, the O’Remington finally finds redemption in the hands of its new owners, Erick Leclerc and Didier CLoarec. Leclerc is passionate about ships, and Cloarec, a Parisian industrialist, dreams of reviving the majestic ship that has such an extraordinary destiny and telling its story. Several years of renovation and refitting go by and the two men combine their skills to become true allies, sharing the joys and anxieties of a wild project, as the work progresses. Based in Cannes, it has a new home port at Port Canto, and the beautiful Schooner now proudly flies the French flag for the first time. In October 2018, the boat was officially labeled “Heritage Interest Boat” highlighting its maritime qualities and its rich history closely linked to the world of the 7th Art. O’Remington, the Legend, is back among her peers on the Croisette, ready to share new adventures and write a new page in history. The Legend is back, the Adventure continues…


Le O’Re­ming­ton est amar­ré au Port Can­to de­puis le mois de mai der­nier. Mais son his­toire, en étroite re­la­tion avec le 7e art le lie à Cannes de­puis le dé­but des an­nées 60…

Ob Fellini oder Visconti: Viele Palmengewinner haben schon auf historischen Yacht O‘Remington gefeiert. Jetzt ist sie frisch renoviert und mal wieder Kulisse für ein rauschendes Fest.

Soirée glamour au cœur du Festival …
La Dolce Vita
O’Remington, une goélette mythique